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Why a Fabric Structures ?

A tensile fabric walkway will allow you to combine practicality with beauty. Your walkway will be as much a feature as it is a solution for sheltering foot traffic. Inspired by nature, fabric tensile canopies add a beautiful organic 3D form whilst still complimenting adjacent buildings

The significant cost saving is the reduction in installation time required, as the support structure and fabric ancon is pre-fabricated and assembled on site.

Tensile fabric shapes breathe life and excitement into a building by blending steel construction with organic forms. Tensile fabric structures provide shade and weather protection using low maintenance materials, reducing UV transmission and controlling solar gain.

Choice of Fabrics

The choice of fabric is often influenced by the structural strength of the building. Even a small tensile canopy can impart significant loads. The use of new lycra materials can resolve this problem as it can stretch into seemingly impossible forms with the minimum of effort

Internal fabrics are available in a wide range of colours depending on the type of fabric chosen. Please discuss your requirements further with your Account Manager.


 Unique building medium
 Lightweight and flexible - fabric interacts with and expresses natural forces
 Tensile fabric structures are an environmentally sensitive medium
 Tension is the most efficient way of using any material, it utilises the material at maximum efficiency rather than just the material at the extremes of the cross sectional form, as in bending and compression loads
 Fabric structures have higher strength/weight ratio than concrete or steel
 Most fabrics can be recycled
 A fabric structure can be designed for almost any condition, heavier fabrics and more 3 dimensional forms will cope with extreme wind and snow loads.


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